"Aloha Judi: I hope you got the picture of my family in your shirts at my daughters wedding. The shirts were top quality as usual and an extremely nice pattern. You outdid yourself with the fantastic shirt order. I thank you so very much and You and your company is the best. Mahalo Robert Potter"
Asian Flare

Storm Cranes

Dancing Koi Black
Limited Size Availability

Japan Caligraphy Tan

Japanese Caligraphy
Limited Size Availability

Whimsey Cranes 1

Whimsey Cranes 2

Japan Caligraphy Red & Black

Japan Caligraphy Black & Red

Geisha Party

Crimson Metallic Dragon

The Buddha

Japanese Metallic Script

Japanese Metallic Script Closeup

Geisha, Skull & Serpent

Geisha Evenings

Blue Metallic Dragon

Asian Floral
Limited Size Availability

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