"Hey Judi sorry for late reply. As I mentioned, I am out of the country in a tropical climate already...the 12 shirts arrived ON TIME before I left and are gorgeous...thank you...only wore one so far but so far, so great...I'm admiring the way they look in my closet, very happy, unique and colorful...more up close and personal tomorrow...your sense of style and imagination are fantastic. Your website promises that if customers get a Hawaiian shirt from you, that they will never look elsewhere...you may well be correct...thanks again, best regards, Barry K."
Custom Made Quilts

Quilts are my first love..I've been teaching quiltmaking to home school and church groups for years..All of my quilts are made with 100% preshrunk cotton. Most of them have cotton flannel backing for the snuggling affect. I started out with polyester batting inside of them and then changed to 100% cotton batting which I like better. Some of them have been washed and some are marked used but most are new. I don't really want to sell them but I want to make more and have no room.. I have a king size bed but usually use a queen but I put it on the other way so it's long on the foot of the bed and sides but the pillows are on top not under the quilt...I make some solid matching pillows and they look great. You would need to take some measurements to make sure the size is right for you..Please call or email me for questions. I'm not making any custom quilts right now but will soon. Thanks a lot for looking.
1 541 287 0691

Chinese Red Quilt

All Cotton Flannel Indian Design Quilt

Another Bright Quilt

Bright Quilt

Greens & Blues Stack & Whack

Purple Stack & Whack Quilt

Rust, Blues & Black Quilt

Blue & Green Couch Quilt

Turquoise & Purple Quilt

Red & Blue used Quilt

Burgunday, Blue & Pink Quilt

Queen Size Candyland Quilt

Red Stack & Whack Quilt

Purple & Green Quilt with gold threads

Black, Raspberry & God Quilt

Standing Wave Bargello Quilt

Pink & Blue Stack & Whack

Pink, Teal & Purple Quilt

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