"In days of old, as a champion of commerce, I fought for truth and tradition in my buttoned-down Brooks Brothers warrior wear. Today, living large at cyberspace speeds in an electronic environment, I battle the powers of the past garbed for victory in the happy magic of Alohaland Hawaiian shirts. Without your special shirts, I'd rather go naked. Keep Living the Legend, WB."
Hawaiian Lava Cloth

We love Lava cloth. It is also called "bark cloth" or "coconut cloth". It is a little heavier cloth that has a looser weave, with almost a hand woven look. The more you wash Lava Cloth the softer it gets and it feels so good on your skin! It is a unique fabric and it is classy. Lava cloth is 100% cotton.

Floating Flowers
Limited Size Availability

Island Bound

Lava Orchid
Limited Size Availability

Hibiscus Fern
Limited Size Availability

Coconut Cloth

Ethnic Breeze

Island Art


Purple Passion


South Seas

White Orchids

Evening Orchids

Wedding Orchids

Hibiscus Lava (Sold Out)

Red Floral Lava
Closeout 40% Off
Limited Size Availability

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