"Hey Judi sorry for late reply. As I mentioned, I am out of the country in a tropical climate already...the 12 shirts arrived ON TIME before I left and are gorgeous...thank you...only wore one so far but so far, so great...I'm admiring the way they look in my closet, very happy, unique and colorful...more up close and personal tomorrow...your sense of style and imagination are fantastic. Your website promises that if customers get a Hawaiian shirt from you, that they will never look elsewhere...you may well be correct...thanks again, best regards, Barry K."
Skulls, Party Bones, & Mythical Dragons

Grateful Dead

Party Bones

Happy Skulls Ekru

Flame Dragon

Red Dragons

Scarlet Dragon

Skulls & Yellow Roses

Partyin' (sold out)

Spider Webs

Monster Mash

Aloha Bones

Happy Skulls Black

3D Dinosaur

Crimson Metallic Dragon

Crimson Metallic Dragon Closeup

Galactic Gals Purple

Party Time Skulls

Geisha, Skull & Serpent

Blue Metallic Dragon

Cinco De Mayo

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